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Movimento! re-creates the beauty and magic of dance and theatrical spectacle in Europe’s princely courts in order to present fragments of our mediaeval, renaissance and baroque heritage.  Find out more about historical dances performed by Movimento!


The Movimento! Early Dance and Theatre Children’s Ensemble was awarded not one, but TWO awards at the Ethnic Dance Honours performance at the 2007 Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival!

The first was the Under 14 Ethnic Dance Award; the second was the Social Dance Award. The latter is particularly interesting because it is for the dance group who works best as a team, really looking at and relating to each other as they dance.

In addition, Movimento!  has been awarded one of three "Friend of the Festival" Awards.


  The Movimento! dance ensemble brings to life the music, dances, and entertainments from medieval, renaissance and baroque court life of England, Spain, France and Italy.

Members of Movimento! could be learning a dance from Queen Elizabeth's Court, creating a costume from renaissance Italy, or performing Commedia D'ell Arte.

Ensemble members enjoy learning to dance, listening to sounds, and interpreting music through movement. The dance troupe has members from 7y to 70y. Often all ages perform together, providing the experience of being part of multi-aged performing group.

Students are exposed to the fashions and clothing styles of European courts. Fashions have always played an integral role in the evolution of dance. Performing in costumes that were the height of fashion of the various eras is sheer delight!

Commedia D'ell Arte is a style of performance that employs a variety of techniques. Traditional Commedia Troupes are characterized by their larger than life characters, rhythmic movements, use of masks and style of improvisation. The Commedia tradition began in Italy during the 15th century. Over time, it evolved and spread to the rest of Europe, becoming important in both court and town performances. It has been described as dancing from the waist down and acting from the waist up.


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Over the next few months, we will be adding information about the different historical dances, their music and the costumes. There will be information about past performances, awards, and biographies of the some of the members of our ensemble. Be sure to bookmark our site and check back often.


Movimento! is a non-profit society, registered in British Columbia, Canada, that promotes the study and performance of dance and theatre from our past.



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